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posted by D1m on 04 Oct 2008

Arrest Footage Of Notorious Turkish ATM hacker

A notorious professional ATM hacker from Turkey got busted early last month.

“ChaO” (Cagatay Evyapan) was well-known in the underground carding community.  Watch the footage below, you will be very impressed how this fraudster converted his villa into a high profile ATM skimming device production factory.

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posted by D1m on 05 Apr 2008

Jun 2007 – Feb 2008 U.S. Gov Website Defacements + Commentary

Below is a list of US governmental websites which were defaced by crackers – or elite hackers as the media would say – since 26th of June 07 until late February 2008. It is quite interesting to know that most of the security vulnerabilities affecting the following *.gov websites are known for some years now.

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posted by D1m on 31 Oct 2007

Regarding New Updates On This Blog And Contribution Matters

I know I haven’t posted on this blog for a long time, you can tell that! :) Other important projects in digital and real life kept me really busy. Soon enough will join the navy for a 9 months period, though will keep on blogging whenever I have free time. If you would like to contribute or suggest improvements for this blog, then please do not hesitate to e-mail me with the following details:

Full name:
Security projects participated/currently participating:
Programming knowledge:
Certifications if any:

Thank you,

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posted by D1m on 21 Aug 2007

TXDNS v2.1.5 – A Multithreaded Digger/Brute Forcer For DNS

Arley Silveira has released the 1 year anniversary version of TXDNS. Very soon he will release the version 2.2 of TXDNS.

This release implements DNS queries against multiple DNS servers, a more efficient threading algorithm and some minor bug fixes.

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posted by D1m on 21 Aug 2007

SSHatter v0.2 – A Password Brute Forcer For SSH

Tim Brown from Nth Dimension has coded a cool password brute forcer for SSH called SSHatter.

It is multi threaded and can audit more than one system and account in a given session.

Download SSHatter-0.2

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