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posted by D1m on 04 Oct 2008 08:19 am

Arrest Footage Of Notorious Turkish ATM hacker

A notorious professional ATM hacker from Turkey got busted early last month.

“ChaO” (Cagatay Evyapan) was well-known in the underground carding community.  Watch the footage below, you will be very impressed how this fraudster converted his villa into a high profile ATM skimming device production factory.

ChaO’s fraud devices in action:

The attached skimming device copies all 3 tracks from the magnetic stripe of a credit/debit card, the keypad captures the PIN.  After is really easy for the fraudster to copy all collected info to  ISO 7812 blank cards  and eventually be able to cash out the money.

His hacking tips are the following (did not prove to be the best tips in his case):

* don’t install a skimmer in the morning, because people are more vigilant then;
* determine where a person would have to stand to keep an eye on everything happening on that block;
* avoid blocks where more than 250 people per day walk through, because of the danger of detection;
* don’t install skimmers in towns with fewer than 15,000 people, because people in those towns know what their ATMs look like;
* avoid areas with small shops open 24 hours a day, because there may be surveillance cameras and vigilant shopkeepers;
* don’t set up in areas where a lot of illegal immigrants live;
* places with a lot of tourist traffic are good;
* look for affluent neighborhoods and drive-through ATMs;
* ATMs near cash-only bars are a good bet for lots of customer activity.

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