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Monthly ArchiveFebruary 2007

Defacements &Hacktivism &Personal Opinions &Security News D1m on 22 Feb 2007

High-Profiled Websites Getting Hacked And Defaced

Everyday, the security of many high-profiled governmental, military, educational and corporate websites, is broken into by crackers who deface them. Although some defacers protest against wars and other just send greets to their cyberdudes, I believe that their true motive is to get to the top of the lead in “special” defacements. The defacers don’t want to admit this as the real reason for their attacks.

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Site News D1m on 19 Feb 2007

Law Theme PageRank Buttons

Criminal Lawyer Group announced their law theme pagerank buttons for law / legal / rights websites. It is a new way of showing pagerank for related websites. By copy-pasting the codes to your website’s appropriate pages, you can display pagerank law buttons(visuals) on your pages. Samples can be seen at CriminalLawyerGroup.com pages.

Already too many websites are using these buttons. DDoSed.com covers social, legal and ethical aspects of IT security issues and because I liked the buttons, decided to add them on my sidebar. =)

Phishing &Security Tools &Spamming D1m on 11 Feb 2007

IP Address Decimal Obfuscator/De-Obfuscator To Track Down Spammers

Here are some IP address decimal obfuscators/de-obfuscators. Warez release groups and spammers are often obfuscating the IP adresses that they use.

The following utility allows you to decipher an obfuscated IP and make it easier for yourself to track down spammers, scammers and software pirates.

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Penetration Testing &Security Tools D1m on 08 Feb 2007

NMapView v0.5 – Windows GUI Frontend For NMap Security Scanner Released

Vito Antico from CraftySoftwares.com, has recently released NMapView v0.5. NMapview provides the GUI frontend for the free NMap security scanner made by Fyodor. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. It works with NMap v4.x, which you can download from Insecure.org.

Note: It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Winpcap.

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Security News &XSS D1m on 08 Feb 2007

XSSed.com – Cross-Site Scripting Information And Attacks Archive To Be Launched Soon

A new website dedicated specifically to cross-site scripting(XSS) vulnerabilities, will soon be launched in BETA mode.

With a no-hat approach, and only for educational purposes, we will receive notifications of websites, web-based services and software applications that have been “XSSed“. When a cross-site scripting vulnerability is submitted – URL poisoning, frame injection and other vulnerabilities that can be exploited against users are also allowed – it will be saved automatically in the on-hold archive until review by our staff.

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