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Monthly ArchiveAugust 2007

Exploits &Penetration Testing &Security Tools D1m on 21 Aug 2007

TXDNS v2.1.5 – A Multithreaded Digger/Brute Forcer For DNS

Arley Silveira has released the 1 year anniversary version of TXDNS. Very soon he will release the version 2.2 of TXDNS.

This release implements DNS queries against multiple DNS servers, a more efficient threading algorithm and some minor bug fixes.

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Exploits &Penetration Testing &Security Tools D1m on 21 Aug 2007

SSHatter v0.2 – A Password Brute Forcer For SSH

Tim Brown from Nth Dimension has coded a cool password brute forcer for SSH called SSHatter.

It is multi threaded and can audit more than one system and account in a given session.

Download SSHatter-0.2

Defacements &Hacktivism &Penetration Testing &Personal Opinions &Security Articles D1m on 09 Aug 2007

How Crackers Deface Websites? Why They Do It?

Through the following post I am not purposing to influence you to start defacing, but to briefly give you a better understanding of how and why it is done.

Almost everyday I visit Zone-H’s archive of special digital attacks, I find that at least 1 or 2 attacks were done against US governmental web servers. The domain suffix of the defaced websites was *.gov. Does this fact means that they are totally secure? I don’t think so… Obviously the web servers may host very confidential data. In this case the web server administrators seemed to have allowed threats against governmental assets. Any unwanted consequences that a breach of security can lead to, are mainly caused by the irresponsibility and lazyness of system administrators and web developers.

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