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posted by D1m on 21 Aug 2007 01:01 pm

TXDNS v2.1.5 – A Multithreaded Digger/Brute Forcer For DNS

Arley Silveira has released the 1 year anniversary version of TXDNS. Very soon he will release the version 2.2 of TXDNS.

This release implements DNS queries against multiple DNS servers, a more efficient threading algorithm and some minor bug fixes.

Quoting from the tool’s official website:

TXDNS main goal is to expose a domain namespace trough a number of techniques:

-TLD rotation
-Dictionary attack
-Brute force

TXDNS may be used to:

- Fill the reconnaiscence gap left due to DNS servers hardening, as dns-zone transfers are much like to fail.
- Dig a given domain name for possible phishing variations based on common well-known typo algorithms and return dns queries on both used and not used names.
- Stress-test DNS servers due is configurable aggressive behaviour.

TXDNS provides some cool options, such as:

- Perform queries only for a given Resource Record type:
- Perform non-recursive queries.
- Perform queries against a given DNS server.

Read more about the latest version.

Download TXDNS v2.1.5

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