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Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2007

Personal Opinions &Security Articles D1m on 22 Jan 2007

The Evolution Of Cybercrime + Personal Opinion

Criminallawyergroup.com is a very interesting read as it gives an account on the evolution of cybercrime. Some good points are made towards the end about the lack of regard for the social aspect of cybercrime with most concentration on the financial side of things. It is worrying that cybercrime is reported to cost $50 billion globally per year.

In my opinion, as technologies advance, there will be always security vulnerabilities and cyber-criminals to exploit them for a variety of motivations (political, religious etc).

Most of the cyber-criminals are seeking financial gain rather than notoriety for their actions.

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Personal Opinions &Security Articles D1m on 16 Jan 2007

Would I Hire A Hacker?

If I was a manager recruiting security programmers, prior to the final decision on whether to employee a hacker or not, I would require positive feedback for the psychometric tests that the hacker would be obliged to attend in order to have his motives evaluated.

I would also make sure that appropriate controls for hiring hackers are in place and that my company’s policy supports it. Despite the in-depth technical knowledge of the hackers, there are possible significant risks for the companies hiring them and thus many different aspects of the lives of the hackers need to be assessed.


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Personal Opinions &Security Articles D1m on 08 Jan 2007

A Brief Personal Opinion On Preventing ID Theft

My opinion, for preventing ID theft, is – step 1 – to research and deal with the roots of the problems caused by it; rather than – step 2 – trying to make everyone aware on how to protect his or her ID. For example, if a system administrator effectively maintained the security of an enterprise server, we wouldn’t have a security breach and thousands of credit card details and personal info would be safe!

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Defacements &Hacktivism &Security Articles D1m on 05 Jan 2007

Website Defacements And Hacktivism + Question

In less than 200 words, I compiled very interesting information on the subjects of website defacing and hacktivism. Enough information is provided to you in order to answer my question which follows at the end. I would like to know your personal views.

Website defacement [2] is the substitution of an original home page by a system cracker/hacker. It is illegal in most countries as is considered an unauthorized computer access, data modification and denial of service. Crackers/hackers are usually defacing websites to spread messages and beliefs. Some of them are politically, socially and religiously motivated – given the term hacktivists – and some other just deface for the thrill.

A website defacement can create serious problems for companies as it they affects negatively their public image on the internet and in general. Victim companies may stop their transactions in order to repair the affected computer systems and thus lose money. It can also make their existing customers or potential future customers to lose faith in the company as it is evidence that their web server was broken into due to lack of security.

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