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posted by D1m on 28 Jan 2007 03:58 am

A Brief Comment On The Saudi Arabian Defacers Of Zone-H

Since I read the news about the recent defacement of the digital attacks archive Zone-H.org, many people have commented on how “professional” the Saudi Arabian defacers were. I strongly disagree… They were very “unprofessional” kids.

Just one confused kid who praises the devil – Devil Hacker – with his fellow pal Unix Web. Both from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Students with too much time on their hands. They proved that they can use a basic backdoor, change the DNS and use the exploits that come together with some security advisories.

If you look at Devil Hacker’s blog, you will immediately notice some really lame posts and links to lame – “im going to show you what my cracking skills are” – videos.

Devil Hacker’s blog (muhahahaha):

I must admit though… These guys have skills in following the instructions…


What were their motives? Publicity. I’m sure the one went to the other’s house and searched for their nicknames on a search engine. A few good laughs, a false sense of pride. Now lets go listen to Marilyn Manson!

Neither hackers or crackers! Just script kiddies – computer power users.
Real hackers and crackers don’t post their e-mail addresses, they don’t say from where they are from, they don’t say who they are.

Nuff said.

One Response to “A Brief Comment On The Saudi Arabian Defacers Of Zone-H”

  1. on 21 Jun 2010 at 4:14 am 1.ksa said …

    hold on a second

    you are wrong

    you gave us a link to an iranian hacker not saudi
    look again u will see the blig written by farse
    so the man you are talking about him is not saudi
    i mean the blog owner

    i respct your work

    but you are confused

    there are excellent saudi hacker

    for ex.




    and i am a whit hat *_^

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